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Hi Everyone!

I am beyond excited to create this space to share with all of you. Through my blogs I hope to inspire people to live outside their comfort zones and to never stop doing and creating. The forums are specifically designed for us all to have those much needed conversations and support each other through the daily trials and many successes that are inherent to this life style. Don't forget to head over to the All Things Farm group and share your pics.

There is truly nothing better then knowing you grew it, raised it, harvested it or made it. I stand behind that 100%. I don't need to walk barefoot, dig my hands in the dirt and feel the sun on my face everyday, but it helps. I could live anywhere else and probably still feel content, but not fulfilled. Our patch of heaven and my family make this place a home and I really, really want to share it with you. And hopefully meet yours too.


Tina Marie

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Tina Seaward
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