Rise to the Sun Omelette

Being that we maintain a small flock of hens, we are seldom without eggs, which is perfectly ok with me! I love to bake and we are big on family brunches each weekend when most of us can slow down and get together. One of my all time favorite breakfast foods is the egg. It is so versatile and really is the star of the breakfast table whether it's Heuvos Rancheros, Eggs Benedict or a classic Omelette. Today I'm focusing on my personal fav, the Omelette. This little beauty is so great because it can literally be fancied up with just about anything you have on hand and it pairs well with a nice rye toast or a side of sausage.


Rise to the Sun Omelette

15 min. Prep & cook time

Serves 2-3 w/ sides

3-4 free-range eggs

2-3 medium mushrooms, chopped

1/2 green pepper, chopped

2 green onions, chopped

Fresh Thyme, loosely chopped

1/4 cup grated cheese (I used an aged white cheddar)

Salt & Pepper to taste

Olive Oil (approx. 1 tsp)

2 TBSP of water

Start by drizzling the oil into a medium sized frying pan over low to medium heat. You may want to use a pan with gently sloped sides (makes it easier to 'flip' the omelette during cooking...more on this later). Get your mushrooms and green peppers in the pan and allow to cook for a minute or so before adding the green onions. Cook another minute or until the mushrooms start to lightly brown. While they are cooking, crack each egg into a measuring cup or bowl with deep sides, add salt & pepper to taste and whisk. You may add the water and fresh thyme, whisking to combine. Gently pour the egg mixture into the pan, covering the entire area, and cover with a lid. When the edges start to look cooked, use your spatula to pull them back, tipping the pan and uncooked eggs toward the edge and under to be cooked on the bottom. Return lid. You may need to do this a couple of quick times before its 'flip' time. You can flip the omelette when there is minimal 'egg goo' left on the top. To 'flip' the omelette simply shuffle it out of the pan (this is where the gently sloped sides comes in handy) onto a bigger plate, then flip plate into pan and return to heat.

Note: I am not a chef but this method works well and ensures a nicely flipped omelette each time. If you are a master flipper, carry on as you were!

You may sprinkle the cheese onto your omelette now and fold in half. Cover, and shut off heat. It will finish cooking and melt the cheese from the residual heat. Plate up your omelette with a side of choice and garnish with a beautiful spoonful of homemade garden salsa. Delicious!


The thyme used in this recipe is a personal preference as I grow it year-round, but herbs like cilantro, capsicum or dill would easily work and can transform the dish. Similarly, the choice of veggies can be changed; a protein can be added; you could use milk instead of water (if you are trying to increase your calcium intake). The possibilites really are endless and the sheer quantity of vegetables and green goodness in this omelette is guaranteed to set you up right for a productive day. Enjoy.


Tina Marie

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