DIY Hand Sanitizer

It's everywhere now, but not all sanitizers are created equal! With very little effort or money, you can create an effective, safe and wonderfully fragranced hand sanitizer at home. Most hand sanitizers contain ingredients like Acrylates/C10-30 Acrylate Crosspolymer or Caprylyl Glycol which have been added for skin conditioning and to improve the texture of the product. Unnecessary, and frankly when words like "generally speaking" and "in low levels" are used to describe if it is safe for use, my answer is no thanks. This recipe uses natural Aloe Vera Gel to moisturize and meets the criteria for 60% or higher alcohol content (necessary to kill most germs and bacteria). It is also free of artificial colors and naturally scented with beneficial essential oils. Give it a try and head over to our Forum to let others know how it turned out.


DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe

2/3 Cup Isopropyl Alcohol (99%)

1/3 Cup Aloe Vera Gel (clear)

10-20 Drops Essential Oil of choice

Whisk together the alcohol and aloe vera until fully combined then add essential oils. Done! It really is that simple. You can put it into a small spritzer bottle for easy application.

A couple suggestions/tips:

1. It is ideal to use natural aloe vera from the plant but if you can't get any then store bought will work fine, just ensure it is 100% aloe with no additives as they tend to "clump" when mixed with the alcohol.

2. If you want to, vodka or grain alcohol can be used in place of the Isopropyl, however you will have to play with the quantity of your ingredients if you still want to achieve 60% or high alcohol content.

3. Essential oils like Sweet Orange and Tea Tree are a wonderful combo and the antibacterial properties of the Tea Tree is a bonus! Or try out Lavender with Vanilla and a hint of Tea Tree. It smells amazing and you will benefit from both Lavender and Tea Trees antibacterial action.


Tina Marie

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