5 self care tips to launch you into 2022 with a fresh perspective.

The new year is here and we could all use a little more connection. To our surroundings, friends & family and perhaps most importantly to ourselves. With the hustle and bustle of today's busy world, it's often easy to set aside our own wellbeing for the sake of meeting deadlines, fulfilling obligations and achieving goals. Unfortunately this seems to happen naturally and we struggle to get back to basics, to incorporate selfcare and relaxation into our lives and to spend quality time with those that are important to us. The following 5 steps are guidelines only and meant to be expanded on and personalized. What works for some is not a tried and true recipe for all. The point is to make time and put yourself first.


  1. Get plenty of rest.

Perhaps the most important (and difficult) thing to achieve is a quality sleep routine. We all have late nights, early mornings and interrupted sleep, but try to ensure you are getting what you need. Even if this means cancelling plans, introducing a pre-sleep wind down routine (I love soft lighting, reading and herbal teas to help me with this), or using a sleep app to listen to relaxing music or a meditation session. Pick soft, comfortable fabrics and ensure the temperature is adjusted for your preference. Turn your device's notifications to silent for set "sleeping" hours and you'll be surprised how easy it is to sleep in on weekends! There are no set amount of hours; each of our bodies requires different amounts based on our physical exertion, mental state and overall age. Do what feels right for you! PS - naps are totally allowed!

2. Eat (& Drink) Healthy

Ok, ok...at the risk of sounding like every Mom everywhere...this one really is important. Our bodies need proper nutrients to sustain us. If our levels start to dip and sway like the ocean's tides, you better believe we are going to notice it in other areas as well. Our productivity, general health and even our libidos are impacted by improper diet. If we think of our bodies like the machines they are, it only makes sense to ensure all components are running smoothly. Proper lubrication (fluids) helps with overall organ function and joint movement. The right fuel (food) gets us up and moving like we should be. If you've had a binge day of watching movies and eating chips (because lets face it...who hasn't) you know exactly what I'm referring to. You feel sluggish and are way less likely to engage in anything productive then if you had set yourself up with a healthy breakfast and the goal of hiking with the kids. You don't have to be a health coach to ace this one, just try to introduce as many natural, vibrant foods as you possibly can and plenty of water...and voila! You're well on your way to being a healthier you.

3. Do 'You'

We all have those things that make us individuals. We surf, hike, read, garden, blog, fish or travel. The list is infinite. Whatever your thing is, do it! It's critically important that we never loose sight of the things that make us happy, because it is those things that inevitably make us feel whole. Similarly, we should always be learning new hobbies and interests in the pursuit of growth. It's how we change, meet new people, create masterpieces and carve out our little corner in this world. It is said that we are a sum of all our parts...I don't know about you but that excites me.

4. Pamper yourself because you deserve it!

Somewhere along the way, we got caught up in the craziness and we stopped caring about caring for ourselves. We became the people who focus on everyone else's cares. Parent's too busy caring for our children to indulge in selfcare. Professionals too caught up in the rat race to slow down for some much needed R&R. Business owners or volunteers eagerly ensuring each person around us has what they need when they need it. I can say with almost 100% certainty that if you were to do an honest assessment of your own personal selfcare routine...you may have to actually look up the meaning before you could apply a few activities you occasionally partake in. We have forgotten the fine art of indulging in our own wellbeing. So indulge. Indulge in the glass of wine with lunch. Go on the vacation. Have that massage. Eat the cake! Run a bubble bath on a Tuesday. Why not. YOU DESERVE IT!

5. Surround yourself with your 'Tribe'.

Although the context insinuated on that term is relatively new, the word and it's definition are not. Tribe (noun) people; family; clan. In other words, find people who you enjoy being with, have connections to and that encourage you to be the best you, and hold onto them. Those are the ones you invite to indulge in that luncheon wine with or take along for that epic vacation adventure. They make your day better just for being there and it's likely you do the same for them. (Don't forget our animal friends either; they are a huge part of our family and critical to our overall mental health). Besides, why force friendships, or endure alone? Life is hard enough without a tribe to share it with. If there is anything these last few years has highlighted for most of us, it is that we are not solitary creatures. One of the most common things people are missing is connection. So if you are lucky enough to have it, don't waste it. If you aren't...read step 3 again and let yourself go for it.

Hopefully this list was not news for you, and that I haven't shattered your world...but if it was, I'm glad. My one wish for everyone is to know their own worth and treat themselves and the world around them accordingly. You may ask how the two correlate, but if you know then you just know and there is no need for explanation.

All the best in 2022. Remember to indulge in yourself and invest in your selfcare. You are #1!


Tina Marie

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